The post about current.


The month of october is crazy. Its one of the most inspiring months for me, and yet almost always the most crazy. We've got every weekend booked with good things and every week booked with classes, ministry, and other sorts of things. We're already joking about how excited we are for December. A season that promises a whole-lotta rest.

The good news is: God has really been faithful. A lot of change has been happenin in this squishy heart over here and I'm lovin the new plans God has been whispering to my heart, and the awesome ways I see more and more just how perfect God's plan is. Its especially hit me with just how genius it was to put Ben and I together-that was some mad skills.

We're eating frozen fruit right now, Ben is living it up with the comics. We just got back from SHAPE a strength finders, meets myers briggs meets mininstry in the Body of Christ class-which is so far AWESOME.
I have so many special ideas for this blog, when I'm runnin i get lost in all the cool stuff I hope for it. Hopefully when the time slows down, more TLC can be attributed to this and all my great dreams can be realized. I'm excited for a year or two down the road, and just how much this blog can be developed to better represent everything I want it to.  Big ideas folks, big. ideas.

And now, I'll show you awesome pictures of our weekend which was filled with awesome boys turning 5 years old:

And his awesome parents throwing him a bowling party:


And him showing me how old he is:

And watching what awesome looks like.
and talking to pretty ladies:
otherwise known as my momma.

Then, after much celebrating, we went to watch a marathon:
All those people over there are runners. it went on for miles.
and here's us there. feeling cool by association.

and while there we talked about how awesome Grace is for running it. She has the best legs in town.
and after, we celebrated our churches  15th Birthday party, where I had deep talks with 3-6 year olds regarding the ducky with the star on the bottom and if they could find it.
yes, that blue fluffy stuff is cotton candy.  yes, my lips stayed blue for a few hours after. And then ben's were too.....from eating cotton candy. Side note: that t-shirt was in my senior pictures of highschool! woot woot!

And then we drove home.

The end.

Hope your 'current' is going really wonderfully.

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