Romantic things Ben Says


I think all guys are capable of being 'romantic.'
And I think
there are two types of 'romantic' men in the world.

There are those whose words come easy and they're charmers. They know what to say and how to say it.

And there are those, who's words don't come easy.

Ben's is the latter of the two. He's a listener, and he doesn't have all the smooth fancy lines. He says he feels he can communicate better when he writes things down and when I want compliments, he doesn't spit them out a in a split second, he ponders. But then man, when he says stuff, I know he really means it.

Ben is the best kind of romantic and here's my story proving it.

We have this running joke. About 2 or so months ago we were watching a nerdy you tube video on different dimensions (3d, 4d, etc till the 10th dimension, ) the conclusion of this video is there's a gazillion realities we could all be living right now. Its crazy, but its kind of fun to joke about and the math behind it is pretty shnazzy. 

Never the less, I thought I would be witty and I said "Wow, think about it. In a different reality I could be married to someone else!" 

To which he replied: "No Brittany-in every reality we get married."

To which (three days later) I replied: I have to have at least ONE reality where i don't, because then its not choice-just like there has to be one where I don't have Jesus in my heart-otherwise it wouldn't be by choice that I became a believer. 
He agreed with my logic  and commented how sad and dreadful that that reality would be (true story.)
So all cute and dandy so far.

Well flash forward a good month or so to Today:

We're in the car, talking about technology and how we couldn't bungee jump and sky dive if we lived in the 1800' know usual conversational material. Then I stated "weird, i'd probably would have never met you and would have married someone in California, or Wisconsin, or Texas.....

To which he replied: " Nah, we would have found each other.  No matter what we'd end up together."

Whats romantic isn''t that he said it. Its that he said it so nonchalantly. He loves me deep and that love withstands alternative realities and time machines.  Its an obvious thing to him like the sky is blue. And when he talks about us, he talks about it the same way. The sky is blue, and no matter what we'd be together.

To which I have spent all day thinking about. And I have concluded I have the most wonderful husband in this reality, and I'll bet my fun money in every other reality too..

Baby, you don't need no shnazzy lines, those side comments make me swoon.

Over and Out,

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  1. and i adore you two even more. how is that possible? hope you're having fun at home. i misses you.