Life Lately :: January 2015


+This January has been a whole lot of preparing. Getting things ready for the little guy while also packing up Christmas/organizing and putting away presents from previous months/years to make room for the new stuff. It's been both super fun to get everything set up and kind of tiring. Perhaps that's because we got a nice big belly on our hands and a wildly excitable toddler. Regardless, near everything is in tip-top shape and ready to go.

+Eowyn has been pretty awesome these past few weeks. While today has been a bit harder (even now during nap time she's gotten her legs 'stuck' in the slates of her crib,) she's been more verbal and it's been fun having a little person around to spend time with. I remember commenting to Ben how much I couldn't wait till the person I spend all this time with actually talked to me when I talked to her. It's fun to have the company. We're pretty excited for his arrival. I'll be 38 weeks this Sunday, which is awesome and exciting. It's been a bit of a practice in trusting Jesus because induction keeps being brought up due to him 'measuring big.' I think the rub is that we really don't feel like an estimated large baby is legitimate grounds for rushing things and nothing we read seems to suggest otherwise. So, even when these realities are brought up, it doesn't seem to matter much. There's definitely a pull between listening to the care that we've been placed in and making the best decision for our kidlet. Not sure of the outcome yet, and I  know what I'd like to happen (erm, he could come now and avoid the situation entirely.) So, that takes up a lot of brain space.

+ It's getting brighter out!!! Happy days indeed. While it's been relatively cold (nothing compared to MN, but we walk everywhere, so it's a bit different) the sun makes for a much better feel to the whole city. We gain two whole hours of sunlight by the end of this month. It's such a fast paced change and I love it. Winter hasn't been too bad.

+ I've had a lot of words, and about 15 draft posts to prove it, but none of it seems to come out quite right. Ever have seasons like that? When the process of all that is going on in heart and head doesn't translate well? I think God's doing a number on me in this season. Rather than try to milk it for a lesson, I'm learning to just experience this season. It's been a combination of really sweet moments and constantly releasing my need to try and control my circumstances.

+ Overall we're pretty happy in this season. In just a few weeks my sister and mom come to visit and hopefully by then, if not a little later, a little mr. will be with us. I keep pausing to take little mental bites of this season before everything changes. So grateful for a relatively quite month before growing to a family of four.

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