Korkeasaari Zoo


On New Years Day, with hardly anything else opened (and our deep love for the zoo,) we headed out for the first time to the Korkeasaari zoo. This zoo is on an island, so we got to cross a walking bridge to get to it. While we heard mixed reviews, I left pretty impressed. We got to see all sorts of animals, and the fog allowed for the weather to be a bit warmer than the past couple of days. Eowyn was in love with the alligator and other 'dinosaurs' and we got to see a snow leopard enjoy his lunch (and enjoyed a tasty lunch ourselves.)

I'm excited to come back during the summertime. All the animals that are donning their winter wear will have changed to the summer versions of themselves (like the owl seen above.) Plus, they have beautiful picnic areas and places for kids to play. 

It was a great way to welcome the new year.

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