The Big Three Zero


On the day of Ben's big 3-0 we boarded a plane to Denmark to embark on the first of many adventures in his new decade. So, amidst the packing and the pancake eating and the opening of presents, and the traveling, a blog didn't post.

HOWEVER, no such birthday shall pass without a pause and an exclamation.

I've known my husband since he was 21. He's known me since I had a 'teen' attached to my age.
I've seen his character grow and his heart change and his mind sharpen with wisdom.
I've seen him choose the path of humility and great care as he honors other people, many of which may not have been deserving of it (at least by worldly standards.)
I've seen him make decisions with great intentionality and he's owned his decisions-even when they don't succeed.
I've seen him apologize, and even use his shortcomings to show Eowyn how to make things right.
I've experienced grace unmerited and gotten the great joy of being on the receiving end of his great wit.

Many a belly laugh has been had, many a kind word has been shared.

I've seen a great deal of Christ-likeness in these past several years out of him.

And all I can say is this.

John Benjamin,
There is no greater privilege on this earth that I will ever. EVER experience than the one I experience being your wife. You are a kind shade to my heart and the greatest gift. Had I lived my life outside of meeting you, it most definitely would not be as beautiful as this.

As you always say, (disregarding the science.) "In every alternate reality, I always end up with you.

On top of all that, I am, no doubt, living the most beautiful reality I could have ever lived, out of all of the potential ones.

You're the best part of my days. and Man oh man, you make 30 look good.

Happy Birthday to my greatest friend, my most daring adventurer, and the kindest of leaders, the greatest of men.

I sure do like being your gal.

You're just getting more incredible.

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