Hi Baby: 13 Weeks



It's been pretty cold this week, which hasn't made for wanting to take too many pictures. At first I was thinking that I wasn't experiencing any symptoms any more (not feeling too nauseous-praise the Lord, not waking up with pounding headaches anymore) but I'm finding all sorts of new things. The whole hip-achiness and overall body soreness  isn't necessarily my favorite part, but enjoying naps a lot is nice, for the most part. I think realizing that all of these pains are good things, meaning you're gonna be, or currently are a happier camper because of it makes it all good. 

I haven't really started to show, yet other  times I'm feeling like I've got a nice ol' man gut. I dont have that official 'pregnancy bump' but, in due time. 

They say you're moving around all over, and if I shine a flash light on my belly you may actually sense it and move (uh, thats awesome) They also say that in a couple weeks you may be able to hear my voice and loud noises. I can't wait to have you hear all the awesome music we play at church. You're gonna dig it. 

So, with second trimester on the horizon, I'm pretty excited to think about how quickly the rest of the time's gonna pass and how sooner-than-later I'm gonna have one hairy little baby to look at. 

I hope you get your dads eyes. And my teeth. But, if you have to end up getting braces, thats cool. 

We love you. 

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