Friday: Awesome recap


This week as been something else. But, we'll consider ourselves blessed. In order to do that, we're gonna spend sometime talking about the great things that make this week AWESOME! Let us begin.

  •  Going to the Timber Wolves Game with Ben, Katie, and our friend Chris.
  • Taking Ben to Trader Joe's for the first time. 
  • going on an ice cream date, and talking about babies, and how close we are to becoming those hippie people. Ben says not to worry about it. 
  • Ben and I making poop jokes. Yes, we're 5 years old.
  • Paying off one of my student loans. Praising Jesus for that one.
  • Spending time with Katie and Danielle this morning, and going thrifting. It feels so good to have such good friends.   
  • Ben showing me sweet dance moves while also making dinner (uh, hello amazing.)
  • God showing up every day.
We really are blessed with just how much love we've got pouring into us. I'm continually thankful for that. My Hope is that we can be that blessing back. Thanks for being so great to us, all of you involved in our lives. We really are blessed.

Tonight we're just chillin.' I hope its a restful one for you all too. 

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