Tuesdays Letters


Dear Very incredible Husband, When you took me on a walk last night, you started crunching on all the leaves on purpose. The leaf crunching fight that I BEAT YOU IN (just kidding) kind of made my week. Thanks for still having a child-like heart and for taking me on pretty walks and holding my hand. Dear Nora the Nikon, Your beautifulness astounds me. I love that you and I get to be friends for ever.  Dear Dreams of future, thinking of all the things that Ben and I get to do makes me so excited I could pee my pants. Thanks for letting us think about you. Dear Jesus, you're so cool. Thanks for giving me the hottest guy ever, both inside and out. and for forgiving me of all my sins...and for being the best friend I've ever wanted. Dear Beloved, We're working to become really good friends, which includes doing eachothers fun stuff....You rock at Magic. and I fail. But. thanks for letting me beat you yesterday. I felt very nerdy and very cool.

* P.S. 'Tuesday's letters is originally an idea of Today's letters. Definitely check them out. They're incredible.  

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