Where the Cool Kids are


Lesson #34 When you get married, you find out where the cool kids go.

So, Ben is not only the master of many a musical instrument, he also has mean computer programing skills, he's a master video gamer and has, newest discovery: all marvel knowledge.
Now...when I first married this ridiculously attractive man, I did not realize just how sweet these skills were....until I saw this.

There's a place, where all the geniuses go. Where they talk about super human skills and sell old fashioned cream soda and have pretty posters everywhere.
I was weary at first...but not only is it a sweet place to go because of the mentioned things above, its also sweet because I'm practically the only woman ever in these places, which makes me...a Lewis and Clark of women. Not braggin...just saying.
For instance, did you know that there is a HANDBOOK regarding Kryptonite?
 Don't feel ashamed, I didn't either.

But guess what? This cornucopia of knowledge is for anyone to know about! look at all the resources!

Its a little overwhelming, but I have Ben to explain everything to me. Sorry for those who don't have a genius husband. 

Never the less, I have now been informed and felt the need to share this awesome news with you all.
I know pretty much where every comic store is within the Twin Cities area, if you need a place to start, go ahead and give me a call. 

Yours truly,