DUBLIN! Ireland-Part I


Greetings from us! We've been married for 10 whole days!

At 7 in the morning I write. I've been up since 5:30 because of the time change. Ben is still sleeping. :)
There's no doubt that these past two weeks have been magical. We've been surrounded by our lovely friends and family, lovely new strangers and have begun the coolest adventure. Ever.

After our kickin wedding (it really turned out quite lovely with the help of all our friends and fam) we headed off to our way cool honeymoon...IRELAND!

When Ben and I first bought Nora we bought a HUGE sd card (atleast we thought it was huge) of 8 GB for pictures. I've had 2 GB and never filled it. Well...surprise. we practically filled that SD card with beautiful pictures of Ireland. For the next few posts i'll share a few of my favorites. (Note to fam: we're plannin on sending you a special CD with the pictures on it, just so you can print any if you'd like.)
So...here's a few pictures from our very first destination...


Isn't it magical?
This whole city was drenched with history. We would be walking a long and see fancy old churches, buildings established in the 1600's...and then there was the medieval district. Everywhere was so beautiful. There were monuments where you'd least expect and funny little ice cream shoppes on corners. It was absolutely lovely. One such lovely ice cream shoppe was murphys

it became a MUST. Every town we went to, we searched to see if we could find one of these sweet little parlors. We succeeded more than once, much to our big hearts contents.

Never the less, we found our hotel after much searching (fun note: every and I mean EVERY block has a different street name. We past our hotel atleast 4 times before finding it.) We arrived at the sweet Cassidy's hotel. 
Where we were directed to, get this, one of the master suites. Once we got into our hotel room, I kept asking Ben if they made a mistake. But, no..it really was ours. It was lovely. Soon after getting all situated we headed out to explore the streets

...and were greeted with some lovely sights.

All the while finding sweet hidden treasures...
Isn't this so neat? ( I definately thought of you Emily) It's Mona Lisa....we found this in a backalley at Temple Bar. Lovely.
This is a little weird...but yet oh so cool. It was on a garage near Temple Bar...Ben was gracious to me all day, he was having to watch out for me since I looked so much like a tourist. No doubt married the most wonderful man ever.
After all the art, we continued to stumble upon all of these amazing doors.Dulbin has postcards and all sorts of merchandize displaying the colorful doors. We saw them everywhere. Here' just one of many that we saw.
After touring the streets of Dublin, we headed to grab a bite at a pub
Where Ben ordered a guiness. I tried it, it was bitter, but the food was AMAZING. I'm even craving the beef stew I had. Yum-o.
Oh, goodness. It was so lovely.

 This was by far the most amazing vacation we have ever been on (not because it was the first). It was an awesome time to get to know eachother, to see each other in new situations (driving on the opposite side of the street, not understanding the natives, figuring out how the tip system works and more!) and to start forming habits of Christ-like love. I become more and more impressed with Ben each and every day. He's such a good husband and friend. We are crazy blessed.

Until next post...
Love, Ben and Brittany


  1. I love your pictures from Ireland and thanks for the mention in the mona lisa piece. :) Can't wait to see more pictures and hear of your adventures. xoxo

  2. I am so glad you both had a great time and I can't wait to see all the pictures. I love you both!