Letter 3


Dear Mr Ben Sprague, last night you oo'd and awed all of my hard work and even walked with me to the laundry room because I was scared. You are the nicest man I've ever met. I get giddy knowing that I'm Mrs. Ben Sprague for life. W00t. P.S. You smell good. Dear Grocery stores in Minneapolis, you are confusing and expensive, but within you are hidden treasures like the ingredients to cheesecake, which I will be making tonight. Dear Girls like Emily, Aubrey, Amy and my other beloveds, I think about you every time I see an art print, see a girl running, hear someone laughing, or see a coffee shop. These occurrences happen quite often so you are often on my brain. Dear Bruce, I'm proud of you. You made it all the way from Wisconsin to Minnesota a fourth time, you have lived for over 9 months and you are beautiful. High fish fin to you.
now...for cleaning and some cheesecake shenanigans.
Over and out,
the mrs. (w00t)

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