Officially a Sprague, and other shenanigans.


Today I went out into the big world of Saint Paul and Minneapolis on a quest to offically become a Sprague. First I went to the wrong Social security office, then I finally arrived at the right one (after much construction (thanks to pam the tomtom, she saved me and helped me arrive)) and sat for quite some time. Once they called the beautiful number N82, I got up walked over and showed all my documents. Then, after a few questions (to make sure I'm legit) I officially, yes OFFICIALLY became a Sprague. He even gave me a receipt stating "Brittany Sprague"

A hoot and a holla!!!!

Plus, or wedding pictures came in just last weekend and they're the bomb. like..way cool. I'll be buying CD's this weekend to send out to the fam. Its all pretty exciting.

I start my new position, not next week but the week after. I wonder if my name tag will say Brittany Sprague? I'd be pretty pumped if it did.
Never the less, Ben and I are living oh so blissfully in the big city of Minneapolis.
Busy bee's at the Sprague hive. 

P.S. Funny story of the day, last time we went swimming at the pool there was a cute little ginger (red headed) boy who upon seeing Ben declared at the top of his lungs "YOU'RE HAIRY!"
Ben replied, "Yes, yes I am.."

Over and out

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