Shout out Sunday: Ben, you're dynamite


Ben, you're the best husband ever. Not only have you showed me how wonderful love is, you've taught me so much about what it means to give
You're incredible. You take me crazy fun places like the Irish fest.

and as we walk around and listen to Irish music, you laugh and dream with me of the day we'll wear matching outfits like this delicious couple. Hopefully we'll get ones in these colors.

Seriously, though you'd look hott in a kilt.

We watch cool concerts, watch cool concerts and I watch the funny mohawk kid using the mud as a slip-in-slide. 

 You make life sweet. You challenge me and make me aim higher. You don't let us settle for a good marriage.
But work with me for an excellent one.
Then when all the musics done and the crazy kids are going to the port-a-potty, you take me on pretty walks by the river.

and tell me how much you love me and crack really ridiculous jokes. Which are actually quite hilarious.

Who would have thought that we'd have such a cool weekend. or that I'd end up with such a kickin good husband.
Double shout out for you being the best roommate, adventurer, comedic, loving husband  I could have ever asked for. And the one only human on the planet that makes me pee my pants laughing Thanks for the bucket of forgiveness, love, and giddy jam sessions. 
You. Rock.

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