Sweet Sweet Summer


What is better than apple pie, Summer flowers, hanging baskets eating at crazy cute diners, watching cheesy movies and doing crazy cool things in one weekend? Doing it with los padres!
We showed the fam the farmers market. 

Saw beautiful people and beautiful things.

Beautiful hibiscus!
   My mom bought a Mexican lime tree and Ben bought me a HUGE hanging basket.

I laughed with my sweet momma, and we laughed at my dad's ridiculous jokes.

Ben drove us to distant lands to see crazy things, then we went to this 50's style denny's

and drank milk shakes...and laughed some more at Ben and my dad's ridiculous wit.

AND THEN! today we got to see this sweet face


Over and out.

P.S. Ben, when we started talking about our dreams and how excited we are to help each other reach them, it reminded me just how ridiculously amazing it is to have you as a husband. Thanks for picking me.
P.S.S You get really excited about music and comic books and explaining facts to me. The way you look doing so is way attractive. Please keep telling me all of your knowledge.
P.S.S.S. You banged your thumb up, and then still rocked at bass today. you're the most kickin bass player ever.  high five for driving all our friends home.

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