Tuesday's Letters


Dear man who I am wed to for life, ever since we started the 365 Love Dare Devotionals you picked up, I have become more and more impressed with how much you rock at leading. Seriously. You rock. P.S.  You are one hott baker. Cookies have never tasted better. Dear Blender, We loved you first because you were red. However, your color should have hinted to us that you are pure.evil.  You have exploded not once, but twice at Ben and I while stirring delicious contents. You have left me and our kitchen COVERED in blueberry or strawberry liquid...Was it something we said? Please stop, or we will have to get rid of you. Dear DMV, walking into your building to get a MN license makes me feel like a 15 and a half year old again. I just hope I dont look like it to you. Dear husband with sweet dance moves, being married to you is the bomb diggidy.Best choice I've ever made. Ever

* P.S. 'Tuesday's letters is originally an idea of Today's letters. Definitely check them out. They're incredible.


  1. Brittany! I think it is awesome that you are doing your own "today's letters"! I know this is probably weird but every day after reading that blog I find myself think of the 4 letters I would write!