Thankful Day number 2


Dear 9 blog followers who I love dearly,

Your small number makes me feel like a cute little pose, I love that you come and visit me.. And when or if our family someday grows, for you I will always be thankful

Dear cute little blog: Color me Katie you are my newest favoritest blog. Thank you for letting me find you and leaving ben laughing at improv stuff all night.

Dear Ridiculously amazing husband. went on a very large rant about how aliens with an ingenius use for alluminum foil and other metal would come to our planet, go to our garbage dumps and find all the aluminum we wasted. Then they would maybe...maybe take over the world...You're an environmentalist and you didn't even know it. and have a ridiculous smart-brain. It astounds me...and makes me look to the sky on our late night walks....

P.S. apart from your random awesomeness, you show me incredible videos and we pee our pants laughing. You are the coolest roommate e.v.e.r.

P.S.S. AWESOME! Ben, our children must have this ability, you being a superhero and all...

and this: Ben announced we were going to buy 6 treadmills and recreate this. Great. Idea.


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  1. Oh my!! oh my!!...Your kiddos will without a doubt have those amazing, unbeatable superpowers. Thanks for allowing us to come visit your blog!!! I truly enjoy it and it brightens my day and inspires me to be creative.
    I love you prima and primo!!! Take care and be blessed.