4 Simple Goals


Crafty Elsie Flannigan is having a fun blog post about setting 4 goals before 2011 to finish. I decided to join.

I decided on these:
1.  Be committed to keeping Christ & Ben the priority. 
Maybe not the simplest goal, but definitely the most important. It takes simple steps to keep.  As things get busier, I easily get 10 feet deep in what I'm involved in. Keeping J.C. and Ben as my two main squeezes makes life have so much meaning and it gives me so much JOY! I plan on keeping this goal by keeping up with the kicking journaling idea that Ben has started us on, along with our devotional and continuing to enjoy that Crazy-cool man God gave me. Ben, you make life kickin sweet. Thanks God.
Deuteronomy 24:5.

2. Enjoy the simple joys, and let those things define a 'good day' 
So often I decide the success of my days based on how accomplished I was, or how smoothly my day went. However for the rest of this year/ Fo' Life? I'm throwing out this notion. Enjoying those times when Ben looks up at me and announces "you're so beautiful," when I really hear the voice of God, when Ben cracks me up in the kitchen or when the hot stickiness of summer makes us laugh and make smoothies..which then explode all over us. Yes..THESE things=Great success. Based on these criteria? I've had an incredibly successful day.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

3. Resolving to see if I can make it, or find it for free before I go and buy it.
I CAN MAKE SO MUCH STUFF! Padfolio? Made! Need a book? ello, Library! Want an apple pie? Baked! These past few months of really watching our finances and trying to not default to purchasing things has changed my view on 'stuff' incredibly.  I have become much more creative and resourceful and it makes me SO thrilled. Giddy really. I want to keep doing this because its fuel for so many fun conversations, little craft nights and ben's "oo's" and "aahhhs" (he always gives them when I show him the new stuff I made...especially the pies) I. Love. It. and will definitely keep it up. Maybe even show you?

4. Become more concerned with loving on people, rather than ensuring they have a good opinion of me
Starting work really has challenged me in this! When I first walked in, I was so ready to show my stuff and be on my game. What I found was that so were the 1,100 involved in this section of Americore. WHICH IS AMAZING! Today Ben and I decided that we were going to really focus on just loving on individuals we met/ interacted with and...my goodness did it change my focus and the way in which I related. People have AMAZING ideas, and such beautiful life stories. Sometimes I get so busy with my own, I don't take time to look at how I can listen or help make their idea be successful.

At the end of the day, I felt so much more fulfilled knowing I supported someone else's brainchild then working to scream out my own (not that there was any screaming :P) I want to work hard on loving on and supporting the people around me. Christ can take care of the good opinion part. I want to do more listening, and encouraging instead of comparing. Rather than saying "Oh, I did something like that once" I'll say " that's really incredible." You'd be surprised the responses.
2 Corinthians 12:9-10

 What are your goals? Carry it on, make them and post your blog or the list in my comments. I'd love to find out!


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