We meet again...


Well my lovely friends, still no Nora. I feel like I've lost a child. Except I didn't notice how much I'd miss her till she was gone. Which I'm pretty sure in real life would be fairly poor parenting. Never the less....soon. She will return.

EXCITING things are happening in the Sprague household.

For starters, We have Rock band 3. and have instantly made new friends (Aha, so THAT'S how you get couples to your house....) Ben already rocks at the piano, which is a pity...since I still fail at it. I suppose that's how video games will always go. Sad Panda. (Ben is playing a Hispanic song as we speak. This makes me heart super happy...so no complaints. Juanez forever. )

I've decided we're moving to Italy/Greece tonight..not like TONIGHT, but this decision has been made this evening..... (Ofcourse, I decided tokyo like last month...but I'm pretty sure we really are going to live here.) In fact, living in Italy was one of the conditions I had when marrying my husband (Ben may deny it, but he agreed to one day live in italy with me for alteast 6 months.) So, start saving money, you can stay in our house. It just might not happen for another 25 years.

In other more recent news, Grace and I saw an albino squirrel on Sunday and she gave me the next idea we're having for a party here. Grace you really are the dream woman. PLUS I got not one but TWO orders of my wedding pictures because the mail fails, but snapfish ROCKS. Its cold outside, but we have great fall sweaters! and...we just found out that Papa Murphy makes an INSANE stuffed pizza...Really, we're beginning to question our entire lives after discovering this pizza...if this pizza exists..what else are we missing? The possibilities are endless.

In other news, we're on the hunt for 9 comic books that were written last year and I'm making an insane amount of paper cranes. Its the small crazy things that make life so ridiculously awesome...

So Friends, Hope your life is as exciting as ours...or even more so.

P.S. I saw a woman texting in the car next to me. Therefore I witnessed a crime in Minnesota.

P.S.S. We get to go to cheese land tomorrow to see my growing bellied sister and my sweet momma bear! yes. my life is really pure bliss.

I will leave you with an image of what young love looks like. This was taken the WEEK we decided to like each other (radical isn't it?)

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