Happy weekend!


Dear beloved readers.

I have two very odd stories for you.

Story number one.
Husband and Wife (AKA Ben & Brittany) Had a mouse problem. As is proper, we attempted to block out all the holes and caught a few, put all edible things in indestructible containers and after much hard labor did not spot another mouse(6, yes 6 mousies later). Victory was assumed, and was celebrated accordingly.

A few weeks later, Wife is deep cleaning because her most dear friend Grace is coming over for a sleepover. and she notices a few little mouse bits (if you know what i mean) and thinks ("I think we may still have a mouse...") and tells her husband when he comes home "I think we may still have a mouse." Husband has a dream that night about a mouse infestation. True story.

The story is not over. In fact, its only begun....
the following morning, the wife wakes up and goes to the kitchen

Wife starts screaming out her husbands name in panic

Husband comes in bewildered and sees what she's screaming about

Can you guess?
no you certainly can. not.

Bruce, Our AMAZING beta fish (practically our child) was swimming at the top of his tank...with a DEAD MOUSE at the bottom of it. A mouse dead in our fish tank. Bruce was just hanging out at the top...and there was a dead mouse at the bottom. (yes i did just repeat that fact three times...) I'm still overwhelmed by the fact.

this is scientific proof of 3 things.
1. We did in fact still have a mouse (although now we can truly celebrate victory)
2. Bruce is a ninja
3. the 5 mouse traps? not effective. One fish bowl? affective indeed.

Any PETA that read this blog, I didn't intentionally drown the poor little creature.
Although I'm not very sad he is dead.

Story number two:
Professional Brittany is at her desk trying to act very professional on a this lovely Friday.Brittany then stumbles upon this hilarious video linked from rockstar diaries

Brittany tries to hold in laughter for the entire mini-video.
Brittany almost combusts.

ITS SO ADORABLE. Watch it and giggle.

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

Story time is over. HAVE A HAPPY WEEKEND.

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