Reasons why our life is awesome.


1. Nora got a broken face, but we got to take her to the store and she will be fixed in 3 weeks for free. Yay for insurance. (sad day that I cant take a picture for practically a month)
2. We had a fire in our apartment building, some crazy arson set off our mailboxes...the whole area is chared, but when we checked our mail the next morning-it was still there. Hazzah.
3. We got our wedding pictures & they are the bomb.
4. My crazy dreams prove to be false. Which is always a good thing.
5. My sister is going to have a baby in any second, which is kickin.
6. Ben is hott.
7. No Mouse sighting since the fishbowl. I think we have a reputation now.
8. Its almost november and it hasn't snowed yet. This is a good thing. (knock on wood)
9. Ben's birthday is next week, and he's getting the coolest presents ever. Fact.
10. Its fall.

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