Well cadets, my rockstar of a husband is kickin it out in the wild for this weekend with all the men of our church. So, I myself was in need of some adventure.That need, my beloved friends led to a very glorious weekend indeed.

Without further adieu; Reasons why the past 24 hours have been ridiculous and delightful:

1. I Spent some time with one of the most genuinely wonderful women of this century

2. Laughed a good deal at the ridiculousness and irony of our lives.
Thats a cork..with a screw and a broken cork-screw. She-hulk unveiled.

3. Had Chai tea (twice!), spaghetti and a large amount of deliciousness. Holy Bamoly

4. Went on a ridiculous 4.5 mile adventure through the woods, where I learned about more trees than I can remember, (thanks, grace) and I was explained why fall is the way it is (Double thanks, grace) and was told about several invasive species of MN. There's some knowledge to be learned out there folks.
 And some crazy pastures to tromp in.

5. Walked away feeling very, very happy to have such a wonderful life,
and singing Hooray for friends that remind me of how crazy awesome life is.

 P.S. Grace, You're the hot sauce to my tamale.

Hope all of your weekends are lovely as well!

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