Reasons why Ben is the bomb diggity


First Date!

1. He lets me buy ridiculous amounts of pumpkins in honor of the fall
2. He exterminates mice with is bare hands (okay not really, but he does get rid of them)
3. He has karate moves that would terrify millions
4. he has smooth dance moves that would woo the masses (especially this freckle kid)
5. He helps  me make grub  and he adds a hunky bit of love to every dish
6. He reads comic books and is a genius
7. Speaking of Genius, He stimulates my brain till it fees like it will implode! ! "We are in 3 dimensions but our shadows are in the 2nd, so if God were to pass before us, its possible his shadow would be in the 3rd dimension..Maybe that's what Moses saw when God passed before him-it was only his shadow...."Who would have thought I'd be sitting here thinking about the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even 5th dimensions....Holy Moly
8. He's really good looking. Like...Reeeeeeeeeeeealy gooooooood looking.
9. He got a haircut which makes number 8 squared. Yum-o
10. We discover kickin' music together and he makes my heart go pitter patter with his music abilities. I married a rock star, people.

Hey Mr., Comic book store tonight?
UNCLE SVENS! Pound it.

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