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Beautiful ones,
I've been finding a few exciting pockets of goodness on the world wide web and figured I'd share in the wealth. Here are 3 of the things I'm giddy about:

1.Freebies 4 Mom. A blog that offers a cornucopia of information regarding free stuff like magazines and other pretty special items (i even got a razor pack. SCORE!). Its pretty helpful for the amount of pictures Ben & I develop because she often will give hints about special free prints! Right now she's even talking about a free REDBOOK subscription which is one of my favorite magazines. If ya'll haven't checked her out. Definitely do. You'll be clappin and giggling with when you find out all the kickin stuff you've discovered. She even has a mail list that sends freebie notifcations to your e-mail box. Um. Pretty cool. If I do say so myself.

2. HOLY BAMOLY! An Owl Calender? Bre would definitely dig this. You can select all sorts of different owl prints and it creates a very special calender. Pretty AMAZING. Make one and you can send your thanks to me later.

3. CupCakes? Magazine? Cupcake magazine? double back flip for that one.
Heres a super cute online magazine that the pretty Rachel Denbow (A blog I've followed since I was just a wee high school student) was featured in. Its super cute. Beta Approved

Enjoy and happy Thursday!

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