50 things...


Once upon a time, even before married to mr. ben, I wrote this. I thought I would repost it. It makes me happy.

1. His name is John Benjamin, hers is Brittany Lynne.
2. He's graduated and she will be graduating in May from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.
3. They both wear glasses.
4. He has the coolest dance moves any one has ever seen. ever.
5. He has a ridiculously handsome smile and laugh. and she falls in love with it every time she hears it.
6. they do little dances in the kitchen. and he helps me make food, but then every time thanks her, as if she did it all myself.
7. He has a freckle right in the middle of his eyebrows. she has a freckle everywhere.
8. We have all our children's names picked out, with the exception of one.
9. He tells her his secrets, and she tells him hers.
10. His prayers are always long, and he generally forgets what he was supposed to be praying for :) but she love them all the same.
11. He plays bass, both the cool band kind and the cool orchestra kind, and she plays violin, and piano and sings.
12. they sing reliant K songs in the car together
13. He's so ridiculous. shes goofy. We're the goofiest people to ever live.
14. if he had his way, our wedding would be medieval style.
15. He has a car named Otis. Which she loves with all her heart.
16. He is the most considerate man she have ever met.
17. We both want a puggle. (its a super cute dog)...well I want a puggle, and someday so will he, after much convincing. (which i don't understand why there needs to be any convincing :))
18. He likes mac n Cheese with hot dogs, she likes ramen.
19. We play video games together. Correction, he plays video games and she tries to play them too.
20. He's quick to make things right. We're quick to get over fights. Probably because he's so gracious
21. When she's grumpy he doesn't call her out on it. He's so loving. so gracious.
22. Ben has amazing stories of his college years, from t-shirt competitions to weird guys in his hallways, to long Saturdays playing certain card games.Its her favorite when he starts reminiscing. His face lights up.
23. She love the way he worships.
24. He's a software developer, she's going to be in the non-profit field (counseling/social work)
25. He goes on photo shoots with her and has these ridiculously awesome ideas. she loves it.
26. I fall more in love with everyday.
27.She's never met a more sincere man.
28. He's gentle and so fun to watch when around kids. He's going to be the best dad Ever.
29. He makes crazy plans with her. And stays up talking to her.
30. He's 6'2'' she's 5' 4''
31. He wants to go to Japan, she wants to go to Italy, and France, and Greece, and Africa, and Romania
32. We're concert junkies.
33. We have plans bigger than Texas.
34. He's so intelligent. The smartest in the galaxy
35. They talk theology in long car rides, and everyone always wins.
36. Chipotle.
37. He takes her to fancy places she's never ever been, Like 'spill the wine,' and rain-forest cafe. And he takes her on roller coasters. He's so rad.
38. They play dress up and get all fancy for dates.
39. He liked her freshman year, she told him no.
40. Two years later,she liked him, and he liked her back.
41. He proposed to her on her parents 25th wedding anniversary. at the prettiest park, with the shiniest ring she had ever seen.
42. Now she will never take it off. Ever. And she will be blinded by its brilliance in class and at work and everywhere she goes for all the days of her life.
43. She draws her future name on several notes and types up her assignments that way.
44. He tells her sweet things at night, and in the morning, and in the mid noon.
45. He's quite a romantic. And she loves it. very very much.
46. She sits next to him knitting and surfing craft websites, and he plays video games and 'oo's and 'aaa's all of her crafty ideas.
47. She gets giddy realizing how awesome of a man she has and is so excited to see him every. day of her life.
48. No man has ever come close to being as charming, as smart, as able, as strong, as courageous, as honest, or as sincere as he is. She realizes this every morning, and falls right back in love with him every second.
49. She likes photography and road trips, He likes spending time with her and chilling.
50. He is everything she has ever wanted. And God is so good.

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