Things on the Agenda....


1. Make Pad Thai-Homemade-Holla! (I never knew there was such a thing as 'fish sauce...")

2. Going on a hott date with my now shaven, baby-faced husband (yay for novembeard competitions)

3. Make pretty Christmas Presents!


5. Chocolate Cheesecake
 6. Breana having a baby (any time now little boy child)
7. Snuggling since the weathers getting chilly.
8. ROCKBAND (I will rock someday)
9. Dancing for Jesus
10. GOING TO ARIZONA in 3 weeks!

(All pictures were google imaged: Pad Thai, beard, rosette bib necklace,Vote, and Chocolate Cheesecake")

P.S. In btwn these very exciting moments are very normal moments. Although I tend to write solely about the great things about our lives, I hope my lovely readers realize that we both have downer-days and sad moments. This blog is simply a way for us to praise Jesus for all his greatness. Our struggles and heartache are for us to struggle through and become victorious. Not for good ol blog entries. (Just wanted you to know, so you know theres a whole lot of realness and normalness to the lives of beardless men and crazy haired women.)

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