10 things you didn't know about us...


Hi there,

Its been a little bit quite around this little site. Mostly because we've been flying and when we're not flying we're busy working at our very busy, but very awesome jobs. In the meantime, I thought it would be neat to give you a special 10 things you didn't know about mr. Ben and I. Double points if you actually know these things in that they are rather random...

Random Facts
Number One: Ben loves chocolate milk, but doesn't like normal milk. ( I found this out today...)

Number Two: Brittany has a promising career of cartoon voices. Ben tells her so on a regular basis

Number Three: Whenever Ben and I are driving together and spot a vacant building, we draft up plans for a comic book shop/ cupcake shoppe

Number Four: Brittany dreams of opening up a bakery with a nerdy style and pretty cupcakes and pies

Number Five: Ben is incredibly good at drumming. He learned his skills at rockband. At first I doubted, but he's shown me. He's amazing-on real drums

Number Six: Brittany has played violin for 5 years, doesn't talk about it much, and doesn't play for anyone but ben and her parents cuz she gets nervous. She's actually okay at it.

Number Seven: Ben collects comic books and from this he has taken his wife to the most obscure places on the planet.He brings her because she's amazing at treasure hunting. His voice heightens in excitement when he sees a huge amount of comic books and general states " NO WAY!"

Number Eight :  Brittany loves taking pictures of Ben and making Ben shrines because he's so hunky.

Number Nine: Ben has a man crush on the entire Band of Relient K.

Lucky Number 10: This next month we'll be married for 6 whole months!

Soon, I'll show you all our pretty pictures of animals, food, thanksgiving and pretty sunsets....Hooray!

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