Overtime, Chocolate cheesecake and weird fish..


So, I've been wondering about Mr. Bruce lately. He's a pretty odd fish, and does some pretty funny things. This we know and we accept. However, most recently he's been digging his head in the rocks.. he puts his head underneath the little rocks and just hangs out there and doesn't move. (Ha, yes I've moved the tank around and he is not in fact dead.) I keep checking on him thinking he died...but he didn't..he just likes to stick his head in the ground...He's an odd little one, but he's family...

To be honest, these past two weeks have been pretty hectic. I keep holding my breath and counting to ten just to feel less stressed. (It works, if you haven't tried it, just take a SUPER deep breath and count to ten, breathing out you'll feel tingly.)
In order to deal with the lack of sunlight and the lack of sleep what do I do?

1. Plan out vacations Ben and I are going to. Italy, Little weekend getaways, random advertisements that show up in my mailbox from the airlines.... :)

2.Plan out all sorts of christmas presents

3.Make Pies!

This cute freebie is sitting on my fridge. It helps me breath a little. Ben walked into the kitchen after I printed it, read the quote and said "Truth..." He then later commented how he liked that sign we put on our fridge (*hint hint*) ha...  So...I made him chocolate cheesecake tonight while he was gone (not pie, but still delicious.) I'm excited to show him. I even took a chocolate covered wafer and skinned it to have chocolate shavings. It looks pretty fantastic, surprisingly enough. I'm pumped.
Just FYI: If my life plans fail, I'm opening up a bakery. I may do so anyways. I really do love it.

So folks, the Spragues are two tired people, but we're counting the days till we get to see Ben's fam! (We're Pumped to see you guys!) and in the meantime eating pie (or cheesecake.)

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