Eowyn // Week 1




You're a week old tomorrow. Which also happens to be my birthday. Pretty sure you're the best present I've ever gotten. Ever.

Right now your dad is holding you and you've got little hiccups. You won't remember this, but if you could see your dad-there would be no mistaking that you are loved beyond comprehension. 
That man loves you with a special kind of love.

So far, we've learned that you aren't too big of a fan of clothes, you'd prefer to be neked, and you'd rather not be in your car seat either. 

We pray over you before you go to bed. Its amazing to me to even begin to remember all the prayers that have been prayed over you. I can attest that God has answered hundreds of them. You're a testament to a God who answers prayers.

Funny Random bit. When you were born, your umbilical cord was wrapped around both feet-like a bungee cord. Our doctor joked that if you didn't like it out here, you could just bungee back in. 
Praise God you didn't bungee back in.

Yesterday, you officially introduced me to parenthood. I was changing your diaper, and I pulled a rookie mistake-I didn't cover your little bumpis right away with a diaper. You then, out of no where shot your poo a good 4 feet across the room (you think I'm exaggerating, your dad claims its more like 5 feet). Shocked, I tried to stop it with my hand (rookie mistake #2), then as every human would do-cried out to the only one with any control in this situation. God and Jesus were both summoned in a shriek.

Then (rookie move #3) I brought my hand to my face.  Then enters your dad. Him-thinking you fell off the table or lost an arm or something (I did, after all call out to the Almighty) sees me, with poo on my face and quickly goes into hero mode. He doesn't even laugh. That man started cleaning things up as I stood frozen-crying about how I ruined everything. He reassured everything would be a-okay.

Luckily, not all was in fact ruined. your dad ran to the store and the mess was shortly thereafter removed. This was further affirmed by you you immediately going into a peaceful slumber. You weren't too bothered by the whole event.

Your dad later admits that the drive home he was chuckling to himself over the whole ordeal. By the end of the night, and in writing this story- I find it pretty funny too. I'm especially excited for when we get to tell stories like this at your graduation parties and the like. Hah. (just kidding...)


You have awesome facial expressions. And awesome monkey arms and legs. You have a little mullet head going on in the back of your head and you like to either a) be sucking on your tongue, or b) be breathing out of that mouth. It makes for a sweet sight either way. 

At 2 in the morning, I think that's when it hits me that you are actually ours. I really like that reality.

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