Miss Eowyn Christine


On Friday the 13th, Little Miss Eowyn Christine made her grand entrance. She was a little over 4 weeks early, but we have a sneaking suspicion she was in fact older than we estimated. After taking the last available room at our hospital, and 18 hours of back-labor we got to meet our sweet baby girl. All 6 lbs, 13 ounces of her.

We got to stick around the hospital extra days to make sure she was healthy and ensuring she didn't spike in jaundice. Now she is safe and sound at home. We keep gushing. She's absolutely perfect and that husband of mine makes an even better dad then I ever could have imagined ( and I did a lot of delighting over the idea.)

She came out looking just like him, but everyday starts looking a little more like her momma. The nurses kept commenting on how pretty she is (they sure know how to make a momma beam) and that shrieky high pitched little scream-cry she's likes to surprise us with still is something we smile at when she lets us hear it. She's got a voice, and shes fond of using it. That little falcon-shriek child.

Her little personality is already coming through. By day 5, (wow its day 5 already?) she's already showing her likes and dislikes, and her overall easy going nature. Again, she takes after that chill dad of hers. 

 We're overwhelmingly joyful over her being here. And so thankful for all the love we've experienced by our family and friends who came and have already brought us food, visited, and even cleaned our home. Thank you! Sincerely, thank you.

Now I'm off to go absorb all the adorableness emanating from that little body. Looking forward to documenting all sorts of crazy things that little girl is bringing.

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