Colorado Photo Bomb



Back in 2009, I sent this pretty little postcard to Mr. Ben. We weren't married yet, and in fact-weren't even engaged yet (but was already saying I love you-bold move, Brittany, bold move.)  I got to go with my family to our family reunion and spent many of the late evenings calling him just to hear his voice and see how he was doing. I remember saying that if we got married-He'd come with me someday.

Well that happy day arrived, and a few weeks ago we got the pleasure to go to Colorado for a Thompson family reunion together. 

The Thompson Clan gets together roughly every 2 years for a big family reunion. It's actually pretty remarkable that we can gather 44 people from across the nation and mexico to all get together for  few days. It was a great time, and Ben's 1st reunion. Here are a few pictures we captured from the event. Most of them are with my immediate family in that I really only took pictures during the traveling and the little adventure we took one of the days-the rest was spent having good conversations and playing games. 


I think Ben's hunky-dory smile in this last picture is a riot. And the apparent peace sign I'm making in a picture above was taken on our two year anniversary! The entire road trip was a joy and the views we got to see were absolutely incredible. God did a good job in His creation. 

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