Two Weeks.


Sweet baby E,

You're two weeks and a few days old. We're learning. The sleep deprivation is surprisingly not so bad. It hurts at 2 AM, when you're clearly not a happy camper, but at 5 AM when your sweet little face and heavy little breath is pretty much all I can see and hear, I think "this isn't so bad."

We've figured out the diaper explosion issue, and you should be impressed. We've blocked some spray-action not once but TWICE in the last week. We're practically pro's now.

You love having water poured over  your pretty head during bath time and you like laying on your little tummy. You're a freakishly long baby, which leads us to think the Olympics might offer you a promising future. Your dad has high aspirations. I'm just excited to play around in the dirt with you and romp through the forests and collect rocks.

Your grandma has been here this week, I'm excited for when you get older and you realize just how loved you are by your family. It's a rarity little one, to have a family like ours. Both sides, your dads and mom's both love Jesus and are excited to demonstrate his awesome love. I don't think I can adequately explain what a blessing that is, but trust me-its huge.

I catch your dad staring at you sometimes. He gets this little grin on his face. He calls you perfect, and beautiful. And the trust you already have for him is enough to make this heart swell.

He's right. You're perfect. You're beautiful.

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