Three Weeks


Sweet Baby Girl,

You're growing up super fast. In just 9 days you'll have reached your one month birthday-which was supposed to be your due date! Crazy indeed. You're starting to settle in to your routine-which makes your momma and dad two happy campers. You already are a mover-kicking those little arms and legs, and you're a vocal one. I used to imagine what you would look like and sound like, praying for you. Those little squeals, grunts and silly noises are reminders to answered prayers. 

You're turning me slowly into more of a morning person. Your wide little eyes in the morning make getting up a bit more enjoyable. We stare at you sometimes and watch your thousands of faces-you are an expressive child! We can't quite figure out who you look more like-either way kid, you're a good-looking baby girl.

People ask me if you're an 'easy baby.' I don't really know what the right answer to that is. You're a baby and a vocal one. You have some good days, you have some not as good days. I don't think I'd say you're  an 'easy' baby, just like it wasn't an easy labor nor has any of this been an easy transition-but you are good-really good. It was a good labor-We got you! We're surviving the transition well, and you really do make life sweeter.

Here are some of my favorites so far...

*Seeing your little reflex smiles, and pouty faces
*Praying over you during meal times. Remembering all the prayers I prayed before your were born and seeing the ones God has answered-and beginning to see the beauty of the ones that he didn't answer the way I wanted him to. 
* Your dad, and his tone of voice when he calls you 'baby girl'
*The smacking noise you get when we give you your vitamin stuff
*Your grunts and squeaks
*Your squirmy little legs, and how you sleep with your arms over your head
*how strong you already are-you can lift your head and turn it from one side to the other, and your legs are unusually strong for being so skinny. That-a-girl.
*The normalizing of us as now a family of 3. And the way your dad celebrates you
*the way you quiet down when I talk to you-There's something special knowing that you know me from others. 
*How awesome God's design of family is. 

We like you.  

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