todays been a rough day.

 I'm pretty sure these are part of the package deal of getting a sweet little newborn, and I keep telling myself "Someday, you're going to miss even this." And I know its true. Days when she's especially clingy-wanting to be held and laughing at any suggestion of a good quality nap-at least we get to snuggle. I often times give myself pep talks. I go through the list of my friends that are hurting. I take it as a good time to pray over them. I remind myself of how many people yearn to be where I'm at-getting to stay at home with their baby, even if that baby likes crying more than sleep. At the end of it I know I can't begin to complain. I know I'm overwhelmingly blessed.

And I definitely am not negating how blessed I truly am-but I'm learning the value of just admitting that this is rough. In letting God know that while I know others are hurting far more today than I have ever in my life, today is still rough. I think its then that I find all sorts of grace from Him. When I begin to be reminded yet another reason why I follow him. I hear him remind me that he's walked through this before. That he understands what new mom's go through and that this is only what it is:one rough day.

I think about how he crafted babies. How he crafted them to love being in the presence of their parents and how they rely solely on their mom and dad for a good chunk of their life. I realize the analogy of the family and my relationship with him. How I was crafted to love being in his presence and crafted to rely solely on him.

And that's enough. It's the best way. She relies on me, I rely on him. And daily I get to teach her how to do the same.

His mercies are new in the morning.

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