Life kind of is happening in a whirlwind around here.

I have over 900 photos on my camera-many of which I intend to share with you (no not all 900, you're welcome.) Finding time to sit down and write one of these beauties, however is sort of on the backburner with playing catch-up on the ever present laundry pile, organizing E's baby clothes, attending to that little nugget inbetween naps and coaxing her into naps,  and living life.

We have some potentially exciting news that I hope to share in the upcoming week and some cute pictures of ma bebe that we took over labor day weekend (including some smoking hott pictures of my husband being archer man with bows and arrows.) Eowyn did an awesome job with the 5 hour trip back home and life with her is now pretty normal.

I think I'm finally beginning to know her with some accuracy-I can start to tell her moods-when she's overtired or when she's just cuddly, and in the next few weeks the books say she'll start to smile and potentially laugh. She's a bit slower with all those milestones being as early as she was-but she's growing just fine. Just fine indeed. Makes a mama proud.

My life is most observable via instagram-praise God for instagram-I dont know if I'd take near as many pictures without it. I do however, have some pretty awesome ones with a real live camera-including some with her in a tutu her auntie made for her. ah-ma-gawsh. Yes.

Why I've begun typing like this I do not know-it simply seems fitting. That and my sister and I were quoting Austin Powers all weekend-since my husband LOVES that show (he's never seen it-and refuses-he's better than that.) Get in ma belle.

So yeah. Life. It's happening.

If you (grandparents that dont have instagram) want to see more pictures you can click the little camera link on the right inbetween the facebook icon (f) and the email button or just click here.

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