Letter to my Little E: 2 months Old!



You're already two months old. Part of me is happy you've reached this age-the first weeks were rough. And yet, part of me is sad. Your little body is growing (howd you get to be 10 pounds?!) and you don't fit into your little newborn clothes anymore. You're becoming more awake which is allowing me to learn more patience. You like to play and be entertained! and I see it as a privilege.

I was listening to a sermon with your dad and they started talking about kids. A woman was speaking and made the comment about the "Women will be saved through childbearing" verse in the bible. Your dad and I always joke that I'm 'covered' because of this one-but she talked on what she things it really means. Some people say its just an old guy making sexist comments-but its not. Child rearing is sanctifying. And while Paul wasn't talking about eternal salvation-since that's not earned through works-I do think he was talking about sanctification. The way that everyday, raising you has taught me just what it means to die to self. I'm faced daily (and nightly!) with my own selfishness and I'm given the opportunity every 15 minutes to choose to become more like Christ-sacrificial and loving, and not in a begrudging "you owe me someday" but in a "I'll do this out of love-even if you never return the favor." This is sanctifying, baby. And I'm thankful. Raising you is hard. But nothing really worth doing is every easy. And Between me and you, raising you is worth every bit of hard.

Your little cries have changed. They used to be one thing-loud. Now sometimes you just are fussy and like to be a bit whiney, other times you're definitely mad, and other times you even have this sad little mousy cry accompanied by a pouty lip. You've got emotions girl!

You're starting to make more than just cry noises too, which I love.

Discovering you is so wonderful. So while I'm a wee-bit sad that my little 6 and a half pound nugget is now making my arms tired, I'm happy. I'm so happy you're growing and thriving and you give your dad and I so much joy. You've started to grab with incredibly might-which is great when you're holding my finger-not so much when its my hair. and you've started to just sit and chill with us and actually be engaged-not that misty eyed newborn gaze. I like it. I really like it.

I keep looking at baby pictures trying to figure out who you look like-I keep realizing that it really is your dad. You look a lot like your dad. I hope that you'll grow to look a bit like me maybe-but if not thats alright. He's pretty cute, and you're turning out to be quite the beauty-if I say so myself.

You're wonderful Eowyn. You are treasured.

Happy 2 months, little jellybean.

Your momma

P.S. To grandmas, click here for more pictures

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