dear john


The way you call us your 'girls'. The way you blow little raspberries on Eowyn's belly and her eyes get big. The chuckle you have when she does something funny. The statements you already make about never letting her wear anything strapless and about not dating boys. The way every time you see her, first thing you say is "Hey baby girl!" Your little songs you sing to her, the house tours you two go on regularly. The way she seems to sprawl out in your arms-she knows she's most safe right there. The patience and peace you bring to situations. The way you at random will affirm that I'm a good mom. The questions you ask when you get home from work (how was her awake time? How'd she sleep?) and the way you celebrate when she stays asleep longer in the night. The regular times you tell me that you appreciate my work here, and that when you come home and she's a happy girl-you know its due to a long day of working with her-its all of these things. 

I thought you were a great husband. Seeing you step into this new role has expanded my opinion of you all the more. You're quick to offer help, you allow me to cry over frustrations, and you're quick to admit that we're both still learning. You've set the tone for our parenting-and its a peaceful, gracious one. I'm in love with the husband you are and I am falling in love with the dad you are too. You should be proud. I know I am.

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