Birthday Letter to my little E! 1 month


Eowyn Christine,

You're a whole month old! You've already taught me quite a bit, and you've expanded my heart in ways I didn't even know was possible. I love your little noises-your screechy little cry and your mousy little squeeks. I can't wait to hear you laugh and talk... but for now those sweet noises are just fine by me.  I love your faces, and your peace.


It's easy to pray in the moment-to pray you sleep well tonight, that you keep growing-that your poop stays the right color (yes, I have actually prayed that) and God has been faithful even in these little things. But I'm learning that those things aren't nearly as important as the big picture things-like that you'll someday come into the knowledge of just how great Jesus is. That you will be wise with your heart, and with your actions. That your dad and I will continue to see you as the blessing that you are-and will raise you not the be performance driven-but to rely on Christ and out of your love for Jesus responding to life how He's called you to.

You're my daughter. How I love that! Baby girl. I delight in how beautifully you've been made and hope that no matter how you grow-you'll know that you were created well. You're a work of art, jellybean.


Your dad and I delight over you. We sometimes just stare at you and comment how wonderful it is to have you in our life. May you always know that you are wanted beyond description. That your dad's love is ginormous-and that his desire to protect you is directly correlated with that. Know that you are so loved. SO LOVED. Your dad and I love you, Eowyn.

I look forward to every day we get to spend together.

Happy One Month, baby girl. It's already been quite the adventure.

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