Home- Final part of the trilogy


So, now comes the part where I gush:

I love my family. Like...love love LOVE my family.
Ben and I kept playing these videos one by one and laughing. I love those sweet boys.I love their sweet mom, I love their goofy dad, I love my goofy mom, I love my crazy-cool dad.
Woo. I feel all smiley.
Our nephews are awesome-and its all due to their awesome mom and dad. They really do an awesome job. I love my family. I love home.

Okay, i think I'm done.

Happy Day

Ben is going to be playing video games all night with other cool video-gamer men. I will be sewing at home fantastic projects that will blow my mind (I'll be channeling Ben's great-aunt because she's an incredible seamstress, and I need some of that going on over here) and I may be eating one of the following desserts multiple times:
Rice Krispie Treats-courtesy of Ben
Chocolate cheesecake with strawberries
Reeses peanut butter bars
because that's how we roll in the Sprague household.

Ben will probably come home and find me in a coma. But a sweet one it will be.

Over and Out

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