Back in Minnesota!


When we arrived home last night, I walked in to our house last night with Ben covering my eyes. He walked me into our office to reveal this!

I've been wanting one of these beauties for ages, and for my burfay (which is in 9 days!) Ben surprised me this special  adjustable dress form. He bought it a bit early so I'd have time to play before it was time for me to start LDI.  all night I planned out different dresses I could make with the fabric I already have.I teared up and maybe hugged it like it was a real person.Pretty sure I'll be naming it like its a real person too. Thank you, Ben.

  We went to Lifefest on saturday (holla) and after watching all sorts of rockstars, Ben and I both decided that a band is most certainly in our future. We spent the ride back talking about our Band name, pretty serious stuff, folks.

 I've noticed that while I've kept up with my 30 for 30, i pretty much keep rotating the first 12 outfits. In summer, i basically live in my black and brown dress and this striped skirt. I'll see if Ben can take a few shots tonight,  (its already day 22!) I'm actually looking pretty forward to getting use my whole closet again. I think I've grown in appreciation just how blessed we really are as a couple and as a nation. God is good.

Over and Out

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