What I Wore


I've been eyeing up these fedora hats for a long time. Like, before they were so easy to find, I was in a mild search. But then, everyone and their mother had them. And that made them lose a little bit of their awesomeness. Especially because someone described them as 'hipster'. Not to offend any self-proclaimed 'hipster' But i think the whole thing is just silly. Just. Plain. Silly. So I resisted.
A few months later, I decided that I don't care if they're 'hipster' or not, I really do want one. So then, I went to buy one and could not find any that I liked. First world problem, yes?.

Two months pass and I am still fedora-less. I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that there may just  not be that perfect one, Then, today I decide to go and take a look at our local mall. Hey-its worth a shot.  Oh, joy it was worth it.I found this perfect brown one, for just the amount of cash I had in my wallet.  I was grinning at the checkout lady a little too much,  bought it and ran to the mall bathroom and put it on. And. I. Fell. In love.  So of course this purchase motivates me to go out in my yard and take a gazillion pictures of it. No, I should not get that excited over a hat. Yes, I will anyway.

 I definitely was strutting around and smiling at all the other girls in the mall after that. Its one of those insta-cool things.
plus, paired with this pretty shirt my momma gave me for my birthday, i  was feeling pretty awesome indeed.  
So that's the incredibly riveting-all too familiar-tale of a girl who wants an accessory, gets bumped that she cannot find accessory, finds it, then is giddy over it. 

But wait! There's a surprise ending:

just kidding there's not. But you do get to look at Ben. And he is quite surprising. So, youre welcome.

over and out.

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