These Past Few Weeks


Have Been full of:
Silly pictures and deep conversations.

Awesome games of Softball with even more awesome girls.
All the while showin' the ladies how its done.With Ben being our one consistent fan, making me the coolest kid on the block. (It's amazing what bringing a hunky boy to a softball game does for your awesome level.)

In addition,
we have watched this lovely couple

Say some vows in front of witnesses and the Lord Almighty,
and tie the knot
Then, at the reception we got to see some faces we haven't seen in ages. Like literally. Ages. Which filled my heart so full. I may have squeezed babies and young ladies a little too tight out of excitement.  
I wont apologize. 

We've eaten Delicious Burgers
At the best burger joint in town.
where they serve the world renowned
  all the while rockin'
and feeling more gratitude over all our blessings than I've ever remembered feeling thankful.
Ben's been ultra awesome too. I swear he's so good at this marriage gig, Ben is awesome. He even buys me ice cream after every game and stares deep into my eyes while i stuff my face with ice cream and gummy bears. Dreamy.

Overall, I'd say we've had ourselves a few pretty successful weeks. And I've landed my self a pretty awesome life due to my pretty stellar God who gave me my pretty rockin husband.

Over and out.

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