Beta Approved: Living with Less, so your family has more



I have recently been reading a book by Mark and Jill Savage titled "Living with less so your family has more."
 I was expecting it to be stock full of crazy saving tips and what not-but it actually proved to be far more than that. Its written by a Pastor who has transitioned into a separate Ministry with his wife and it is essentially about how they as a family have chosen frugality or 'less' so that they can enjoy life and God's blessings to the fullest. 

One part that really has spoke to me is a story that Jill shares. She and her family visited a compassion ministries location in South America where they were asked the question "what is the opposite of poverty?" She says " in my mind, I immediately thought 'wealth'" She was surprised however when the compassion representative answered "its enough."

If you were to ask me, are you wealthy? I dont know if i would say yes. Because, while we do okay-we've got the joys of student debt, general life expectations. But we most certainly have enough. Its been a blessing reading this book, especially as we transition into a stage where we will be earning less. 

I've loved reading this book, I rented it at my local library and I've been really blessed by the implications of it. Its challenging not only the way I see God and the resources he gives me but even the ways I view my priorities in life, in my career etc. I, as with every book I get to read retell all my favorite parts to Ben. He commented how he understands the concept, especially after these past few months of us choosing to live more frugally-saving more etc. but more than that, he's noticed the peace that comes with having one of us at home more to have a home in order, get important errands that typically need to be done in the day completed, and the likes. It felt reassuring to hear this. While this isn't necessarily the route we'll go forever. I think both of us are ones to value our time, and are choosing that if we are able to have more time, we will chose less money. These past few weeks, this book and our conversations have really brought a sense of peace into the next stages of our life. Ultimately God is in control.

Thus,   This is definitely Beta Approved.

Hope you had an excellent weekend. I'll post some pictures of the beautiful wedding we attended tomorrow. It was a treat.

Over and out.

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