Mini Honeymoon 2 Part 1: Stillwater


 Once upon a time I met a lady who called every anniversary her '3rd/4th/insert year minus one honeymoon" and I loved it. Planning a 2nd or 3rd honeymoon or 50th honeymoon is so much more exciting simply because of that word. And so, we kept calling it that, all. week. long. Makes you all giddy and stuff.

Thus, I present, our very first presentation of our very 2nd honeymoon.

Rather than bombard you all with pictures, I decided to use my handy dandy camera and take a few videos for you. Now they aren't super super fancy and this first ones a little shaky, but for it being the first-I think you'll excuse it. Its a bit silly and mostly just random, but I hope you'll enjoy as much as I did.

and regarding outfit posts (yes, we've been very bad at these, I can pretty much tell you i've been rotating between all the outfits you've already seen. Black dress, brown dress, pink skirt, black skirt and 2 pairs of jeans. so...thats that. I'll get back on it once my camera man comes back to pick me up. In the meantime. Enjoy!
Over and out

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