Cuz we're daring like that..


Ben- Hey Brittany,
Brittany- Hi Ben,
Ben- Guess what we should do?
Ben- Record ourselves on the roller-coaster....

Done. Pretty sure we qualify for a whole new level of awesome. If one could compete in total awesomeness. Ben and I would most def. get at least a shiny ribbon. At least.

I hope my kids someday find this blog, or this video.
Child 1-"Dude, child 2 Check this out!'
Child 2- "Woah, mom and dad-they were insane!"
Child 3- "lets make them dinner for being so awesome!"

Pretty excited for that moment.

Sorry if this video is so well done you get nauseous from watching it. Don't say i didn't warn you. Of course this is at the you may not read this till after the video. If so. Sorry. It makes me a little dizzy too.

Over and Out

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