Revival: Coffee Table


This is how a girl, who found a table at a garage sale for 7 dollars feels after taking that table home and making it look brand new.
So here's a story on workin with what you got.

Part 1: I wanted a coffee table for our living room, and Ben said we could wait a while, save up and go buy one. something about spending 30, even 40 dollars on a coffee table just didn't feel right, so I hoped I'd find something cheaper.
Lo and behold I found it. with a second shelf and everything. Only for 7 dollars
Part 2: After about a month of it sitting in our living room as is, I decided it was time. It didn't really match, and it had quite a few dings and scratches.  So DIY project began
Step 3: I grabbed a can of spray paint and went at it. Unfortunately with about a hand-print size left of table-I ran out of paint. SO i went to Lowes, to discover-they no longer had that color....
I bought a burgundy, and went at it.
A day later, I put her in our living room to see how she'd look:

Not too shabby if i say so myself.

Over and Out

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