Craftgawker leads me to finding Jesus


So, Ben plays video games, I surf the net. Its kind of our thing on these late evenings.
Tonight, is a special kind of night.
While searching the beloved craft gawker, a google add asked me : What do you love?

So I obviously wrote the thing I love most.


I thought it was a poll or something, so i was excited to represent. But instead it took me to a page beyond my wildest dreams!

Find Jesus Near By? Explore Jesus in 3D! Scour the earth for Jesus? Alert me about Jesus?!?!?

Could it be? But wait there's more:

Thank you google for enabling me to  go plan my Jesus Events.

I'm gonna go write  Ben's name and see what it gives me....

Same thing.

I can scour the earth for Ben now. and i can go plan my 'ben events.' Well, between those two loves, my calendar is going to be quite busy. Lucky Girl.

Try it here:

Over and out

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