Happy 4th!


We've had such an incredible past few days. After going to stillwater, chicago and now Wisconsin, its been quite the adventure. We ate our wedding cake today before Ben headed back to MN. I'll be staying with the fam for the week building a website and doing a few other fun things for my family/church. There's been so many really awesome conversations, memories this week. Ben and I had a fun game of talking about what we've learned. i thought they were pretty profound, especially Ben's so i thought I'd post them to. Here's the top 3 things we've learned in the 1st year of marriage
1. Find ways to say 'yes' often
2. Be quick to forgive-if you don't the offense will just get bigger and the forgiveness harder.
3. Forgiveness isn't the end of conflict, there's Restoration , then resolution. 
I had to ask Ben what he meant by that and he told me something like this: 'I used to think that once you forgave me/ I forgave you, we were good, but there's more than that. We have to restore our relationship and figure out what needs to be done to make it better. That's when resolution comes.
I'm such a lucky lady. I am blessed.
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