A Dad & His Girl


There are few sights as awesome in my life as these two together. I knew Ben would be a great dad. I think most did. But he's more than that. I think in a lot of ways fatherhood just suits him. Ben is a teacher, and likes to play. Add that to the fact that he knows how to be gentle and speak softly, and you got a man who's got a good start to raising girls well.

The other night Ben had to leave for an appointment. Eowyn saw him leave and cried until he got home. He walks in and BAM. solved. goofy smiles abounded. I think it was in that moment I realized- while a wee bit flustered-that she's attached to him deep. Bedtime just isn't the same without him. Namely because the child will fight sleep harder until he's there to say goodnight. I don't think I'd change it though. Okay maybe. But, I get it. Its hard for me to sleep then he's not around too.

Perhaps they share their special bond because when he gets out of bed in the morning, first thing he does is go into her room to say hi to her. Or maybe its because he kisses his girls goodbye everytime he leaves for work and blows little raspberries on her face. Maybe, because when he gets home she gets to do her handstand and gets laugh while being fed by her dad, then gets to goof off and get tossed around. All these regular little things add up to a girl who is enamored with her bearded man.

Eowyn learned how to roll over in her sleep recently, despite being fully bundled with blankets. At night,  she would scream when she managed to end up on her belly. Ben would go in and fix it and get her resettled. After she was good,  he'd sneak in just to check in on her. Just incase.

When he gets home, a lot of times he takes her so I can started prepping food. Often times I'll go into the bedroom and find him playing peekaboo with her behind our closet door, or making faces in the mirror together. I think that bit of time one on one might be her favorite part of the day.

Its all these little sweet things that make me fall a bit more in love with that man.

I'm praising God for a man who treats his little girl well, who says to me often "A man who isn't a great husband, isn't a good dad," and who takes that line seriously. Praising Jesus for a giving me a guy who asks "how are you doin?" with the same deep sincerity that he greets his baby girl when coming home.

I love that dad and his girl.

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