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About a week ago, a new friend invited me to join her and a few other moms to go to the Fallkulla Farm up in a close suburb of Helsinki. I was late, and the directions were super confusing, but when we finally arrived it proved to be worth it. Eowyn's squeals were plenty of payment for the 40 minute circling around looking for the place. Plus, she got to play with her dear friend. Win. Win.

This past weekend, we decided to keep the animal party going and hit up the Natural History Museum. We lucked out in that the admissions were cheaper for the summer. Eowyn said "WOOOOWW" about 142 times.  There were Elephants, Bears, Giraffes, Monkeys, and even a little display of all sorts of different animal droppings. You can find it by listening to the trail of little kid giggles. (harty har.)

It's a lot to take in, but it made it well worth the admission fee. Pretty sure since we've had a kid, every adventure has been more exciting. Experiencing things a second time with littles just makes things magical all over.

This week we're potty training our girl! I'll be honest and say that this whole season has been a kind of 'just go with it' season. I read a bit on how potty training should go, but I think it's been a blessing to not have a plan on how Eowyn SHOULD act. She was accident free by day two and other than a day of struggling with getting used to undies, she's kind of rocking this. I'm a little paranoid of going out of the house without diapers. Mostly because everything is a good 20+ minute walk, and finding a bathroom often means making sure we have a Euro to get in, but we'll take on that challenge when we're ready. I will say that here in Finland there are kid potties in practically every establishment, which is awesome and thoughtful. We'll take on that challenge in the upcoming weeks. I'll just say, as far as two year old's go, she's pretty awesome.

Have an awesome weekend!

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