Ten on Ten :: October 2016


It's been a long time coming for this post. I've marked it on my calendar several months in a row and then life has gotten busy and we've forgotten. But this time we remembered. And I'm so glad we did. While these photos only really capture our morning, they're still a sweet treasure.

While we live on a bit of an island (connected by canals and a small strip of land...so a peninsula?) we just have to cross over onto the mainland to find loads of trees. While we were walking to grab groceries for the evening, we stumbled upon a HUGE leaf pile. We knew just what to do. :) This year we had a starbucks open at the main shopping mall closest to us and I am certainly not complaing. I had a season of going without chai, so whenever we venture out to Kamppi, we often make a run through. Otherwise the cold has set in so we're staying close to home. Lots of crafts and books and baths.

Getting to spend my days with these two has been one of the most refining and redemptive seasons of my life. I'm grateful for it.

I hope your October is off to a lovely start.

Original 10 on 10 idea by  Rebekah Gough

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